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"Map of Desire" penetrates to the soul level, and awakens within us the passion of true desire guided by this marvelous "Map."

---Barbara Marx Hubbard,

Founder of the Foundation for Conscious Evolution

“A truly unique tool for personal liberation. From years of experience in Eastern as well as West ern spiritual practices, Fu-Ding has become one of the best Toltec teachers I know. He is a nagual,  a Master. So study these maps, follow the guidance, and you will find yourself enjoying your jour ney towards new levels of self-fulfillment.“ 

–– Don Miguel Ruiz, Author,

   The Four Agreements, The Toltec Art of Life and Death

“A beautiful map to the inner journey each of us is called to take. Fu-Ding’s exquisite art leads you  into the inner terrain of self, being, and becoming. It is especially accessible for those of us moved  by the visual to access feelings.”  

––Daphne Rose Kingma, Author,

The Future of Love, Coming Apart

“Artist/shaman Fu-Ding Cheng has literally given us a new way of seeing how our inner and  outer lives interact. His ‘maps’ are fascinating wiring diagrams that demonstrate the adventures  and misadventures of boundless Being. His maps are objects of jewel-like beauty; I’ve just spent  several minutes gazing at Map 4, and could go right on. Cheng cites an eclectic variety of sages  in various traditions and lineages to back up his points, but he’s not a mere collector of quotes: he  has clearly lived and applied these truths in the test tube of his own life. You can be happy beyond  your wildest dreams because boundless happiness is what you’re made of. But it takes a reliable  guide to show us how we can make that simple truth our own. Cheng has found an entirely new  way to show us.”  

––Dean Sluyter, Author,

Natural Meditation, Cinema Nirvana

“Fu-Ding Cheng’s maps are both works of art and three–dimensional portals into the mysteries  of the inner world as expressed in the outer world… into what Joseph Campbell called ‘the Inner  Reaches of Outer Space.’ A masterful work by a masterful guide and teacher!”

––Thomas Schlesinger,

Screenwriter, Writing Coach

“Scratch a Toltec, bleeds a writer; every one offers something new in the way of perspective, and  this one is very good indeed. Fu-Ding’s familiarity with Taoism and Vedantism, and his skill as  an artist, filmmaker, and architect has contributed to a book that is fresh, highly original, and yet  completely true to the tradition it explains. It is a wonderful book.”  

––Jim Morris, Author,

A Battle of Sorcerers, War Story

“Fu-Ding Cheng has brilliantly mapped the terrain of spirituality and psychology in a clear,  intriguing, helpful way for all those on the planet who are open to and engaged in spiritual  awakening.” 

––Drs. H. Ronald & Mary R. Hulnick,

 Directors, The University of Santa Monica

“The first chapter was terrific. The second chapter, terrific. By the time I was done with the third, I  knew the entire book would be terrific, and I was not disappointed. As a psychotherapist, I have,  and will, continue to recommend ‘Map’ to many of the people I work with. The book moves step  by step towards a spiritual experience––from simple to complex––at a pace that is easy to assimilate. The maps, the quotes, the text, and the practices all work well together. This allows the reader  to see the logic of the teachings and inspires the desire to implement them.”

––Robert Hyman,


“A sublime mix of shamanism, art, and spirituality, the book steers us like a GPS through a conscious ness filled with invisible force fields, subtle bodies, and energies that often secretly control us. Simple,  articulate, and best of all, practical, each chapter moves us deeper in, out, and through the morass of  human pitfalls that can inhibit us. For anyone determined to know why they don’t get what they want, and how to get what they truly want, here, at long last, is a map to guide your journey.” 

––Geri Arnais,

Thai Yoga Massage Master

“A holy stained-glass cathedral of a book with glowing images of profound beauty and guid ance. Fu-Ding’s artistry is masterful, but here’s the deal: we have plenty of maps of our exterior  world, but our inner landscape remains as mysterious and elusive as ever… until now. Combine  the elegance of his art with the deep authentic inner exploration that informs this book, and you do  get what he promises, a ‘blueprint for self-fulfillment.’ This book has become my ‘gift’ of choice...”

––Francis Rico, Author,

A Shaman’s Guide to Deep Beauty, Dreaming Heaven

“Fu Ding’s book with its images and colors takes you through quite a journey. It has changed me, helped me appreciate what I have, as well as where I want to go! For those seeking to understand  themselves a bit better, this book is a must. Thank you! I want more!” 

–– David Burston, PhD, M.F.T.,  

Family and Group Therapy  


“A fresh and innovative book with much wisdom and specific insights to offer. The maps are  expertly designed, beautiful, and wonderfully instructive. Here’s a book that shows you, not just  tells you, how to map your inner journey toward clarity and ease.” 

––Doraine Poretz, Poet, Playwright, Teacher 

Author, This Alchemy, Scattered Light 

“It did not take long to get hooked on this book, which has maps that are visited from different  vantage points. You get to know different landmarks of self that face inward and outward. The  maps are beautiful (some are suitable for framing) and give perfect complement to the text. Prac tices at the end of the book provide approaches and examples for the reader to pick up on gems that they may be looking for. I found this book highly helpful and an enjoyable read.”

––T. Might,  

Amazon Reviews


“A wonderful blend of soulful wisdom, colorful illustrations, and real life anecdotes. Comple mented by simple, yet powerful exercises, this book not only shows where the obstacles to suc cess and happiness come from, but also teaches how to overcome them, all the while escorting  one along the paths to self-fulfillment. The author, Fu-Ding Cheng, takes us on a journey from  the beginning of ‘Being,’ to the formation of the human form, through the challenges of life, the  struggles of heart vs. ego, and the healing of old wounds. Gently and joyfully, it helps us arrive as  masters of our own intent with clarity, and peace. Isn’t that what we’re all seeking? Truly enjoy able! Highly recommend it!” 


Amazon Reviews 



“A beautiful book! It expresses clearly and eloquently the shamanic perspective on life. A work of art as well as a practical guide to cut through obstacles.” 

––Linda Jacobson,  

Artist, Teacher 


“Map of Desire charts the story of how we came to be from the Unmanifest to where we are now,  and onward to our eventual evolution as beings with full awareness in the eternal present. The  book is timeless, refreshing. Having had the wonderful opportunity to work with Fu-Ding cre atively (a video game, a web site) as well as in his workshops, I’ve been inspired to see the princi ples in the book effective and practical. He “walks the talk” and writes with authority. Do yourself a favor, read the book, and transform yourself from a homo sapien to a homo luminous.”

––David Welch  

Producer of the “Peaceful Warrior,” Founder of 



“Thank you for Map of Desire, and for changing my life. I had a crazy experience today with that  exercise, Stilling the Mind. I was meditating and felt like I was flying a million miles per hour  through space or something. I was everywhere at once, and had another ’laughing fit’ of pure hap piness and bliss. I felt free. All the delusions of the world slid off of me. Whenever I saw someone,  I didn’t put a name to them. I had no judgments, and appreciated them for just being there and  being alive…Thank you so much for starting me on this path.” 



High School Student 

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