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Map of Desire Excerpts

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   Since the dawn of time, we humans have asked the fundamental questions: "Why are we here?" "Where did we come from?" and, "What lies ahead?" To throw light on these questions, we begin at the beginning by considering our source in Being and the mystery behind all things.

Chapter 1: Being
   This first chapter, Being, portrays the Source of the universe and everything in it, including all humans. Though free of all visible forms, Being is filled with consciousness, energy, and love.

Chapter 2: Etheric Body
   From vast, abstract Being comes the first glimmerings of a specific individual through the formation of a human soul.

Chapter 3: The Human Form
   This chapter shows the formation of the Emotional, Mental and Physical Bodies of a human, as well as the development of instruments of consciousness including the Heart and Mind, Intuition and Reason.


   The next three chapters confront us with a thorny question, "Given the wondrous body–mind–spirit that we are, and a beautiful, nurturing planet on which to live, why have we filled our lives with such anxiety, consumerism and violence that has brought us to the brink of self-destruction? How did we become so lost and confused?

Chapter 4: Challenges of Life
   In a close-up, this map focuses in on the strategic area of the Heart and Mind. It shows the individuals first reaction to the unrelenting challenges of life beginning with instinctual desires

Chapter 5: Formation of Ego
   To meet the ever-growing challenges of life, we follow the formation of the ego. Components include the Judge, Victim, Self and Public Image, with the arrows in the map designating pathways of our desires.

Chapter 6: Tyranny of Desire
   This map depicts the present condition of the typical human (and contemporary society). Ego-driven and materialistic, we're inundated with a confusing array of overlapping and contradictory desires setting up the conditions for our undoing.




   Though we might feel overwhelmed by the chaos of our times, we have, thanks to the wisdom of the ages, three clear pathways that can show us the way out from confusion towards personal freedom. The next three chapters clarify those pathways with explanations, guidance, and Practices so we can experience the joy and peace inherent in our true nature.



Chapter 7: Attunement to Being
   This map reveals the first of three clear pathways towards personal freedom. With desires launched from the heart, we cut through the demands of the ego to reconnect us to intuition, imagination and our source in Being.




Chapter 8: Detachment from Outcomes
   With this map, we see how detachment helps us to gain equanimity over the ups and downs of life, live in the moment, and increase personal power. The tyrannical hold of the ego over our lives lightens dramatically.

Chapter 9: Healing the Wounds
   In this chapter, we address the last of the three pathways that can lead to self-fulfillment: healing our inner wounds. By directly facing the most powerful of psychological saboteurs, the Judge and Victim, we regain innocence and joy.


Chapter 10: Mastery of Intent
   Here we see how life can be having traversed the "three clear paths." Free of
fears and desires, attachment or judgment, we think less and know more,
perform less and accomplish more.


Chapter 11: Beyond Desire
   Once again we see an overview of the Human Form floating in the ocean of Being. Having moved beyond personal desires, our personal will has merged with that of the Universe as the miracle of Life simply flows through us.


Chapter 12: Return to Being
   In this final map, the soul verges on dissolving back into an ocean of eternal love,
consciousness, and pure Being. Return into our boundless Source, or incarnate
into another life on earth––to be or not to be––we are free to choose.

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