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FU-DING CHENG has been leading spiritual/shamanic workshops since 1995.


Distilled from a life-long quest involving Eastern and Western wisdom traditions, his classes vary greatly in form depending on need, and include…

  • Weekly or monthly evening sessions

  • Week-end seminars

  • Power Journeys

  • Private Consultations

  • Communal Ceremonies

These gatherings include shamanic rituals, drumming, guided meditations, and experiential practices. These workshops allow us to transcend mere intellectual understanding to bring these teachings into daily life. “Cultivating Personal Power,” “Clarity of Intent,” “Confronting Inner Demons,” and many related topics are presented as “shamanic tools” to help us towards self-fulfillment on every level.



These five to seven day trips to sacred sites around the globe tap into the energy exuding naturally from power spots of the earth for self--transformation. Major trips have included Teotihuacan, Mexico; Santorini, Greece, and Mauai, Hawaii.


“Those visions I had in your class that seemed absolutely impossible... are happening to me now.  How deeply you touched my life, how many doors you opened for me."

—  Amy DaLuz Winston Salem, NC


Private consultations apply shamanic techniques directly to one’s unique life situations. A wide spectrum of emotional/psychological issues have been resolved through these sessions. Freed from personal blocks, expansion into realms of super-ordinary perceptions frequently occur. Typical issues dealt with include…


Treatment Areas



Soul Retrieval

Finding one’s Creative Muse

Marriage Discord 

Control Issues

Finding Totem Animals

                                           Childhood Traumas                                             

Lucid dreams

Family Dysfunction

Addiction and much more.


Public gatherings, celebrations, weddings, and rites of passage have also been conducted through the years. For more info, contact me.




Wedding in Hawaii, Custom-designed for the bride and groom, this ceremony interwove Christian, Buddhist and Sufi elements, and revealed the underlying truth in all sacred traditions. ASK, FOR THE SPIRITS ARE LISTENING 

A magical moment with the power of intent: For days before the wedding ceremony, driving rain besieged all the islands of Hawaii. In spite of the stunning beauty of the outdoor site and a canvas tarp, alternative plans had to be made. While many began fearing the image of mud-stained gowns, all were asked to join in a formal invocation to Kanaloa, the Hawaiian spirit of ocean and water for a reprieve from the downpour.

On the day of the wedding, the rain showed no signs of abating. Still, everyone was guided to hold to the intent of clear weather. Two hours before the ceremony, the rain miraculously subsided giving just enough time to take wedding photos. As guests began to arrive, they were astonished at the clear weather; the rest of the islands were still being besieged by rain.

By the time the ceremony began, there were even patches of blue sky. The wedding continued outdoors, the couple pronounced husband and wife (still no rain), and finally, to close the ceremony, Kanaloa was formally thanked for the reprieve, and released. Immediately, raindrops began to hit the canvas tarp, and within seconds, the downpour resumed as furiously as before. Everyone looked up and laughed in amazement, but by now no one cared about rain because they knew they would be safe in the pavilion where the reception had just begun. 

or more info, contact me.


Come join us on an adventure like no other. 

YOUR Illuminated Self awaits you!


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